Hey guys!!! It’s been forever! If I could tell you that all had been well and I didn’t miss y’all, I’d be the biggest liar ever! A lot has happened, since we last ‘talked’ haha I sound like a cheating boyfriend! lol, sorry guys, I am not your enemy. So guys, the last time I was here, I told you about coming to Taiwan, oh yeah amazingly, Taiwan happened and its details are at

Before I continue, I am obliged to tell you the truth about this blog, why I have been away for a year and a month, if not three weeks. Truth is I wanted to quit. Yeah I said it out loud! I wanted to forget about this website and delete it and just be me! There are so many reasons why I wanted to stop writing, but that’s not why I wrote today, so, I will save you the drama and just write about why I decided to write today.

The thing is, writing is my escape place. This is the only place where I can say what’s on my heart very clearly without stumbling. I can look at the trees and feel inspired to write, actually that’s what happened yesterday as I was sitting exactly where I am sitting right now as I write this. I realized just how much I miss this place and I thought, ” Tomorrow is my last day at school for summer school, why not write?” Also, I had been reading Paul Washer’s book called, The Gospel of Jesus Christ and for some reason, it made me miss the girl I was when I started blogging here in 2015, So I decided to come back and write. I don’t know how long I will keep on writing, but for as long as the Lord puts something on my heart, I believe I will keep on writing, it doesn’t matter after how long 🙂

Talking of my last day at school for Summer school, saying I am walking on air right now feels like an understatement! If not for this flu that’s killing my vibe, I would be literally leaping for joy right now. I arrived here on the 2nd September 2017 and I am worn out! I am beat, I am bushed, I am fried…actually what I am trying to say is, I am drained! I have had the privilege of teaching and taking care of my awesome k2d kids! Man I love my kids, people that have me on Whats-app are probably tired of me posting about them all the time, but heyyyyy haha.

I am not tired because I have the most complicated job ever, Nope! I don’t, and I am not tired because I teach anything hard, no… not even close, actually I am doing one of the most simplest jobs ever! but you know what? sometimes I feel like I am doing the hardest job ever! Sometimes I wish I were teaching adults, so I wouldn’t have to run after them to see to it that they are doing their job, so, I wouldn’t struggle with repeating one thing everyday, so I wouldn’t listen to all the funny silly stories everyday… But guess what? I have fallen in love with my kids so much I am struggling with attachment issues right now. I am so attached to them it’s crazy!

They are so crazy, they drive me crazy, but I love them so much! For the first time in my life, I am thinking of having kids and multiple of them! I never thought that it would be this awesome to teach kids. After graduation and even prior graduation, I always mentioned that I didn’t want to teach kids because I wanted to be challenged! Good Lord! I wasn’t aware that, not only my Integrity but also my character would be challenged! Much as it’s fun to be around these lovely kids all day, Man it’s also challenging! My character, my patience and my love is always tested with these ones! I can guarantee you that the Lord is at work with me! everyday!

I am not sure if I can be able to label the name of the season I am in right now, but I am sure that God is not surprised by it! It’s always mind blowing to know that God is in control of everything. All I know is that, I am eternally grateful for His plans, that are always better than mine! In this season, I am just so happy I get to rest for a week! I don’t intend on going anywhere… but hey, I don’t know how things will go next week. It’s good to be back 🙂

yesterday we were that young…(Featured Picture), but now, we are all so grown, and we can speak English 🙂 Continue reading “Seasons”

Keeping calm

So, tonight I wanted to continue with the post Set that woman free. I have drafted it for at least one month ago. When I came up with that title, I had so many things to say about it, I still do, I just don’t know where to start. Again, if I could continue with it, I don’t think I would be very relevant, cos the season I am going through right now is very far from that topic, so I guess I will come back to it when the time says yes!

Keeping calm!

Yeah keeping calm it is, if you are anything like me, you probably don’t like people who tell you to calm down or keep calm cos everything is gonna be OK…say whaaat? So I should just calm down and expect everything to be solved? Are you kidding me? I am not gonna go on and pretend everything is gonna be alright, I am gonna do something, I have to do something!!! Well at least you can get the picture of who I really am with those few lines I have written above. Naturally I am very good at worrying and I always find myself running ahead of God trying to solve my problems! Can you imagine the nerve? I mean who am I? To try and run before the almighty God figuring out everything! Yeah, you can say it louder, I suck!

Amazingly God is so wonderful and gracious! It baffles me that we have such a hard time trusting God completely with the life He has given us!you know?

If I am gonna mention in this post that I have graduated back in 2015 and I haven’t got the job yet… it’s gonna bore you… but hey I am sorry I kinda mentioned it again 😃, but trust me, I am going somewhere with this. Well, about entrepreneurship, expecting to be hired and finding something I can do outside of my profession… you already guessed it, I have heard it all and with due respect, thank you, I need a job, not just a job but a teaching job. To me teaching English isn’t just some hobby or a profession I can tag along my name, No! It’s passion mixed with purpose plus calling😃 whatever you can call it. It’s not about how much money I can get out of it, being paid or not, it’s the job I can gladly do without getting bored…I hope😊 because I have only done it for like three months.

So, at the beginning of this year, I came to Johannesburg with my mom to register with SAQA and SACE and yeah I did and after a short period of time I was delivering CV’s in Johannesburg town, Randburg and even applying online for a job… and all I got was NoNE😊. How did I feel? I am glad you asked, I felt devastated! You know when you feel like you have done all you had to do but still nothing changes? Yeah that. I remember one day we even asked ourselves if we are missing something and we not realising it with one of my friends, I mean everyone was getting a job except for us… duhhh, what would you think?😃

Time fled and boom! I felt it was time to go home,  with or without a job, I mean I can’t keep on depending that much on people, I felt it was too much for everyone and it would be better if I went back home and tried something else. I stayed and tried being a representative for some funeral plan insurance company in town and dang! It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life! I remember going to my manager telling him, I am sorry I thought I could do this but this is not really for me! No matter how much he convinced me of how much I can make with their company, I felt that I didn’t belong there and I was gonna bolt out of his office any minute I can get cos No! The job wasn’t just for me!

One afternoon when my sister was doing my hair, I decided to check my emails and to my surprise I was invited to attend an interview at some school I applied for on Monday night and the interview was gonna be the following day at 10:00 am, mind you,  I am in Lesotho  and the school is in Johannesburg. So I left everything and came straight to Johannesburg that late and arrived in the morning by 01:30 I remember.

The interview went great and the principal was quite impressed with me and wanted to hire me, he asked for my working permit… I told him I don’t have a work permit, for me to get it, they need an employment letter, so I haven’t been working…He adviced we go to the nearest home affairs and inquire about those there,  we went and that was it, they needed it… but the school wouldn’t write me any employment letter even though they were that interested to work with me.

The following morning, while we were still trying to figure out how we will get an employment letter,  another email popped up in my gmail account… Jenny Lai informed me that the school I applied for in Taiwan is happy to work with my friend and I… I should apply for a visa and we are both expected to be in Taiwan in the first week or the second week of August. I was happy when I got the email, but I also had a moment of trepidation. I couldn’t bare to think of a new life that was about to change everything about my life. In short, I was overwhelmed!

Amist all those feelings and everything, here is one thing I want you to know, God gave me the strength to remain calm! All my life,  I have never been in so much drama yet remained so calm. I was about to witness the answer of a prayer I have been praying for like two years, yet through my hands it slipped out. I shifted my concentration to the Taiwan offer, though it was scary and very demanding, I thought, hey it’s worth a try…

Doors have been slammed, shut, half opened and opened and closed while I thought were wide opened… one day I felt like I was gonna get into the plane and fly to Taiwan and one day I felt like, this is not gonna happen, the other day I felt like maybe it’s just a dream and I need to wake up and smell the coffee, while the other day, I was daydreaming about teaching English in Taiwan…

Today I got an email from the Taiwanese embassy and for me to get a visa, a lot is needed. My mind is tired. I am worn out. I saw tears rolling down my cheeks while I asked the Lord for the new strength. I checked my heart to see if it’s angry, and it’s not, and I am surprised cos that’s not me, I am supposed to be angry right now, cos things are not happening, at least not my way… cos I don’t know about His way, I have no idea what His plan is, what I know is that, it’s beautiful and it’s for my good.(Jeremiah 29:11) I may not see it now, but one day I will see it😊 

Are you in trying times? Are you feeling drained? Is it hard to keep calm? You are not alone,  but being worried about anything doesn’t change a bit about it. As clìche as it sounds, I am gonna say it, ask God to give you strength and help you to remain calm and you will see😊

Lots and lots of love


Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Guys this is a must read! It’s so well put and very beautiful and challenging! I LOVE it😊😊😊


Me practising my  guitar lessons on the roof top of my residence. Me practising my guitar lessons on the roof top of my residence.

Do you still remember your childhood dreams?  “I want to build a big double storey house, have ten big trucks, drive a merceds benz, and and and…” the list was always long and  changing from time to time depending on the daily inspirations from what one would see or hear. Wow…We grow older and start to get in touch with reality. One biggest reality is the amount of effort one has to apply,  the numerous sacrifices of one has to make, the tremendous amount of discipline one needs to have in order  to make those dreams /aspirations come true. Yes it’s true. As an advancing tennis player,  I understand when Jack Canfield (et Al) says in power of focus “a great dream without action is like Roger Federer playing tennis without a racquet”.

Highlight the word ACTION…

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When dreams come true…

When I was a little girl, I used to dream a lot and I loved it. Dreams were awesome, safe and cool! they somehow gave me hope that things wouldn’t stay the same forever. Not that my situation was unbearable,  no I just don’t like staying in one place for a long time, routine bores me to the core, but don’t despair,  the Lord is still dealing with me😊 I have been staying in this town for something like  close to three years now…and guess what? I have met and encountered this man called Routine, He wasn’t interesting when I first met him, He is still the same guy I met back in 2015 but I no longer feel devastated and torn apart while I am with Him… I have changed a lot and it’s all because of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I would spent so much of my time dreaming about my future, how I would sing, go to school, graduate, write, tell people about the Lord Jesus Christ, play guitar and even get a job…This looked very great in my eyes, but one thing I never realised was to never spend too much time dreaming about them that I end up missing on the very moment I got. But then when I realised it… I thought it was a bit too late to ever live without dreaming of those precious dreams but I thank God that it’s never too late for Him to bring change in one’s life.

Like I said I loved dreaming… I still do even today, I just try and manage them to not take and consume my moment, if they are meant to happen,  they will surely come to pass at the right time. You know it’s funny how often we sing, ”…and time is in His hands” on top of our voices but try   to run things on our own timing and lose it when things don’t turn out like we expected. 

The  dreams I have just talked about here so far are  imaginary events that take place in my mind when I am wide awake and I fully take  control  over which one I wanna  meditate on… depending on the awesomeness you know😃? Sure. But the reason why I wrote this blog post was because of the other different dream, the one which events take place  when I   am fast asleep… Those that I don’t have full control over, but I heard somewhere that we can still influence them by thinking about certain events so much during the day that we end up  dreaming about them while we are asleep…,but you  know what? I still dream about things I have never thought about even in my wildest wideawake dreams even today.

One night I was visiting a friend and sister in Jo’burg and during that time, I had just taken the  things Heather posts about  on facebook seriously… I was reading all of her blogs and somehow maybe I started thinking about…”I wanna meet her” I am not sure if that ever crossed my mind as I have always deemed it to be impossible cos she lives in the US and I live here in Lesotho. I dreamt about her that  night and she was in South Africa. I was so excited 😃😃😃 I remember I even posted on Facebook so I wouldn’t forget and I tagged both my friends. It was funny cos no one actually thought it would come to pass. That was in November or December 2015. You may ask yourself why I wanted to see her so bad, you will have to check my first blog posts on this site.

Fast forward to october 2016… The Lindsey’s rivival tour was announced and for some amazing reason, Cape town was one of their destinations in May 2017. You can just imagine how much I lost my mind, I started asking for a sleep over at a friend who was studying in Cape town at the time. And then My friend and sister wasn’t on Facebook last year, I made a screenshot of the thing and sent her because she also loves Heather and her ministry and yeah we got really excited and the rest is history 😊

Now here is the thing, I didn’t have any work… I still don’t have one, but I was able  to go to Capetown and see Heather, Cornelius and their two little humans. That was one of the most beautiful weekends ever this year. So what would you say to God? When he makes it all happen in one month? Dreams coming true, Even the ones you have never thought  about? This is what happened with me, it was made clear that if God  wants to  make anything come true in my life, He will make it come true no matter the  circumstances!  So there is actually no need for me to be moody, angry, mad or anything because none of that is going to change His timing.

There is a time for everything under the sun!

I thank the Lord for this amazing sister friend of mine Nthabiseng Ntohla, Life  would be so dull without her. May the Lord continue  to use you in ways unimaginable!! I typically enjoy every moment with you, the sad ones, the nice ones and the average ones… is this what’s going to happen with my husband😂..? If that’s it, I can’t wait to meet him😂

I don’t know what you are dreaming of today, but I gatta convince you, I have so many dreams right now in my heart, and in my spirit, I would love to see  these dreams come true. They are dreams of becoming whoever God has  called me to be, dreams of going places, dreams of getting married one day, dreams  of having kids one day, dreams of writing more and more, dreams  of seeing my dreams coming true..! But you know what? I am rest assured that if the Lord Jesus Christ wants them to come into being, they will surely come to pass😊 

I  love you guys

God or what He can offer?

This has been pressed so hard on my heart to share with you guys my experience with the above title. Many of us walk past very fast topics such as these because we believe they are for those kinda people who are into stuff more than anything, I mean the extreme ones if you can call them that. The I will give you all of my possessions Lord if you will to give me that mansion typa people… You know them? Those people that think of God as someone who gives them everything whenever they want… regardless how they get it, it’s still God…cos hey He is Jehovah Jireh-The Lord our provider.

But guess what? This message is for us all. We may not want cars or mansions from God or any other tangible thing you can think of, but we can still have this bad habit of using God to get peace, comfort and the other intangible things you can think of. Matthew 11:28 talks about giving your heart to the Lord and getting rest for your soul in return, sounds awesome right? Sure it does! and of course you’ll get that, but imagine having a wife that keeps going out and giving her heart to other men and when it’s torn in to pieces, She keeps coming back for mending, when it’s healed and mended, She goes back to the same old men she’s been messing with… How would you feel?

One day in 2015, I still remember it was in May cos I had just written my last final exams and just got back in town from school. I was hurt, discouraged and disappointed. I entertained this other random and somehow I made up my mind that even if he wasn’t the one, I was gonna make him the one!(Genetics can tell you better about this issue). I got tired of waiting for the right guy to come along and time was running out on me, I was gonna graduate in September and hey I wouldn’t get out of grad school without a man, it’s against the law😏… I thought. Very fortunately my random decided to marry someone… and He actually called and told me he got married… though it was painful to hear that, I still applaud his bravery because some could have kept it to themselves and strang me along in all that drama.
So I was home very disappointed at the girl I have become over the months! I was hungry for God. I needed to cry but tears wouldn’t come out! I heard there was gonna be a night prayer at some church in town so I went there with my sisters cos I felt like Sunday was too far, I needed to cry in the house of the Lord and release the pain I had accumulated in my heart. It was beginning to build a pile now. As I was praying and crying out loud before the Lord that day, some woman told me I was playing games with God. ”Say what?” Yeah she actually said that and I was fuming with anger!! ”I am here crying out to God asking for forgiveness for running ahead of Him and creating this mess…you come here and tell me I am playing games with God? Woman you don’t even know me, you know nothing about my relationship with my saviour! I am even promising God that I am changing tonight… duh?” I told myself she was crazy and that didn’t come from the Lord! And made up my mind that I wasn’t gonna go to that church anymore.

June came and I was involved with yet another random! Actually it wasn’t new, it was my then boyfriend that played me left right and center, so I ended up entertaining that random that got married, Even though I label him a random, we didn’t actually date, but it was leading there…

The same thing happened,  mess after mess, headache after headache,lie after lie and the heaviness of sin! This time it was bad! I was dying! I couldn’t carry it any longer, I was losing it and the Lord gave me such an amazing courage and I ended the relationship. I gave my heart and life seriously to the Lord and started living like it.

Fast forward to January this year, I was going through a rough season where everything seemed to be stuck in my life. I felt like nothing was happening in my life and it was ugly! I even made it more tough by deliberately visiting one of my ex Randoms timeline on Facebook! You don’t wanna know the pain I invited into my heart that day, I got angry with myself why I allowed Randoms to play me like that, I went where I could cry to God and ask for the wisdom to go on with life without allowing distractions to sip in to my life. The next morning I was so fine you’d swear it’s a lie I was bawling the day before that! God had comforted me, gave me peace and unspeakable joy!!!

That joyful day came and passed and I didn’t make time to sit at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ that day… I suddenly remembered what that woman once said back in 2015… Although I didn’t want to believe it, it’s testament stood right before my eyes. I played games with God! I don’t know how to explain this but I realised that somehow in my brokenness I tend to make it all about me! Here are my broken pieces Lord… Please fix me…and then when I am good,  I skip spending time with Him and go on with my day as though nothing happened! Do I really love God or His peace? His Comfort? His Joy? These are great things and you will surely get them when you’re in Christ…but can you have Him alone? Just as He is? He will surely bring love and Peace with Him cos He is love and the Prince of peace but can we stop looking back at the doors he’s closed, cos He knows best and seek Him and Him alone?

Personally  I don’t think there has ever been a time where I was this happily single in Christ and I bless the Lord for this season. The Lord has taught me in this season that I need Him more than the peace He offers, more than the joy He freely gives and more than the life He gives! 

May we live each day dedicated to the Lord and Him alone! Because He’s God and we love Him…because He is God not because of what He is giving!



Whose shoes are you wearing?- Heather Lindsey

Ok this is one blog post that I have drafted for those of you who have been complaining and asking me to tell you what Mrs Heather was saying in Capetown this last weekend😍 So I am gonna be very nice and tell you all about it! You see I can be such a cool doll hey😀, oh yeah😊.

But first of all let me tell you how awesome Capetown was… I am kidding, I can’t do that to you guys😶😥😃.

Ok Let me stop playing around and tell you guys about the sermon, “whose shoes are you wearing?”

Heather in her sermon mentioned above talked about the three types of shoes human beings like to put on, namely, the fitting shoe, the tight shoe and the lose shoe. Basically there is nothing wrong with the shoe but the person who is wearing the shoe might be the problem.
1.The fitting shoe
It’s your size, it fits you and enables you to walk properly in it, if you need to run in that kinda shoe, there are no obstacles, you can do your running spontaneously,  if they can ask you to bent over and pass them something, you can do that very easily… what I am trying to say here is that this shoe is your size and it fits you very nicely.

2.The tight shoe

But on the other hand we have the tight shoe, which is someone’s shoe but because you like it, you feel like you can fit it in. You leave your shoe because you feel like this small shoe is quite fancy, the owner of it is liked by people, has it all in life perhaps, got everything under control, matured spiritually and everything you can think of that you envy of other people. You can even go as far as dating a guy or girl that has zero standards just because you wanna be like everyone else who seem to may have made it in life (I hope you know Heather isn’t familiar with the trend😃) 

You want  to be like everyone, you feel behind when everyone else seem to be progressing so you want their shoes but this shoe is not your size, it hinders you from walking properly and walking in the direction God is calling you. This shoe makes life a living hell for you cos it hurts so bad when you try to walk in it, it’s too tight. 

3.The lose shoe

And then there is the lose shoe! The nicest of them all! Think of this as a size 9 push in on a size 5 feet like that of mine. It’s dang comfortable! It makes you loosen up and relax a bit, it’s quite convenient for you to walk around in them while walking around the house of course doing your routine daily chores. It’s very comfortable until it trips you off while trying run for the burning pot in the kitchen while you were busy bathing in the bath room. In as much as it’s very comfortable it’s too lose! It doesn’t make your journey any easier. You waste a lot of time trying to fix it, you might even delay to reach your final destination because it wastes so much of your time seeking your attention to keep looking out for it.

In conclusion 

You may not want your size of the shoe because  it’s too much! It’s filled with everything you have never imagined would happen. You may not like it because you have been wearing it for such a long time now and you’re  so tired of it. You may hate it because you have been comparing it with all the other sizes everyone is wearing and it didn’t look fancy… thus the hatred towards it. You mention it all… you just wanna get a new size… here is the good news, you see that size is yours and yours alone. God has called us be who we are not who everyone else is, wear your own shoe my friend. It may not be all that exciting and comfortable right now but God uses every situation in our lives for our good! He has the plans for your life as well and above everything else, He loves you and He promised never to leave you in any circumstance!

Sarah didn’t know that her waiting could be that long. I am sure there was a time she lost hope that all of what God promised them would come to pass… I mean she wouldn’t have asked Abraham  to sleep with Hagar so they could have a son. This turned out pretty bad for her and everyone who was involved in that. Because the size of that shoe was smaller than her feet, it hurt her so much!

Whose shoes are you wearing? Are they yours or someone’s?  Are they fitting you? Are they lose or tight? My sister and brother in Christ, wear your size and be able to run the race set before you with patience and strength. Don’t make the journey more difficult than it already is.

Yes it may be hard I understand  but please don’t lose heart.

I may have used my words to write down this blog post and my examples here and there but I believe this sums up all of that sermon and personally I learned a lot from it. I hope you learn something too. 

With Love


With Cornelius Lindsey and Heather Lindsey in Capetown, South Africa.

Talk about an awesome weekend in Capetown 😍😍😍

The journey continues 

This past Saturday I had a very fruitful conversation with one good friend of mine Thato. We were talking about God’s purpose for our lives and she was actually giving me so many testimonies about how God has been faithful to her and her family. In our conversation, we talked about how We plan but God fulfills, How many are the plans in a Man’s heart but only the plan of the Lord Will Prevail. (Proverbs 19:21). At the end of our conversation, she persisted in encouraging me to go to our father in prayer and ask him what He had in mind when He created me. This has always been my prayer because I honestly don’t wanna miss what God created me to be in this world following my own desires.

And so I went to my father in prayer and this has been my prayer, ”Lord I may have thought you have called me to be a writer, a singer, a teacher, a lecturer, a guitarist and all of these thing I love doing and can do very easily and very naturally … But what if that has never been your plan for my life? What if that has been made up in my mind? It’s true Lord I love acting, studying, singing and writing … But what’s your plan for my life? What have you created me to be? What was on your mind when you created me…?”

This was a very emotional prayer for me because I thought I knew what God wanted me to be on this planet, but then again I felt like maybe I have lost it! Last year this time, I was at the same place I am in right now, but I was 100% sure that God had called me to be a psychologist. I have been applying to get into college to pursue Psychology since 2015 after I have finished my degree in Education in September 2015. I have not been successful at it until now, I then started applying for jobs you know… Thinking let me just do what I can do and let God do the impossibilities, after all He is the master of my life. That too hasn’t been successful till now as I m blogging now.

Then I thought, well may be I didn’t hear God right…you know? When you starting to think may be I have missed on what God actually said…and now was that time whereby I was letting everything unto God again, all the dreams, the hopes, the expectations and what I believed were the convictions …

We all know how letting go can feel like, yeah I was overwhelmed, worn out, my emotions were running up and down …and were constantly down at that time cos I felt like I have just been through the phases this year… I felt tired in my spirit, I felt like I didn’t know what’s left to do then… I did all I thought I was supposed to do, but for some reason No positive outcome! So yeah I felt devastated!

I went to church the following day and the sermon was based here…
1Kings 19:4…” I have heard enough Lord” Elijah prayed unto God asking him to take his life. ‘Take my life, for I am no better than my ancestors who have already died’ 

5Then he laid down and slept under the broom tree. But as he was sleeping, an angel touched him and told him, ‘get up and eat’, he looked around and there beside him was bread baked on hot stones and a jar of water! So he ate and drank and laid down again. Then the angel of the Lord came again and touched him and said, ”get up and eat some more, or the journey ahead will be too much for you”

I don’t know … But I have had my own share of ”Lord I can’t take this anymore” moments! Not even moments whereby I was giving up (I have had such again) but where I have no idea of what’s the next thing to do! Moments whereby I am clueless of what should be done. Moments whereby I literally don’t know what to do next because honestly I have tried it all!
So this Sunday and the whole of this week, I have been reminded and I am being taught that I am on a journey! That this is a journey and God alone determines its beginning and its ending. And the only thing that will help me reach the destination where He is leading me (Home) is for me to cling onto Him, eat the bread of life and stick with Him. If I don’t eat enough, this journey will be too much for me. If I don’t spend time with God enough, If I don’t read the word of God, if I don’t obey God, If I don’t eat enough… This journey will be too much for me.

I have no idea of what kind of a journey you’re on today, but one thing I am certain of it’s that whatever journey you’re on today is preparing you and building you for His glory!

I am encouraging you today like I have been encouraged, to eat enough cos this journey is gonna be too much for us if we don’t eat enough.

💞💞lots of love 💝

Embarking on a new journey 

Wuuu! Where do I start? 😮 

I can hear you saying, ”Start at the beginning please” 😀 yeah you might be right 🙂 Let me do just that!

So I haven’t blogged in three months this year and God has been revealing so many things that needs to be worked on in my life, that He has been working on and those that I need to work on. So yesterday I learned as I was reading this other book that I actually take myself too seriously. I didn’t know I was, but as I was reading that book, I was reminded of more than one incident where my friends told me I take myself too seriously and I should try loosen up a lil bit

… You know? I didn’t take their point into any consideration because y’all know how friends can tease you. We laughed about it and I even forgot they mentioned something like that until yesterday when their words reverberated in my psych like a tape recorder was being played back…”Anna you take your self too seriously… You need to loosen up a bit”

For example … I didn’t watch cartoons🙈! Yeah I always found that to be very time wasting! I wanted to watch real people depicting real life issues and start to be so overwhelmed with some of the things other people go through. Yeah I am that type that cries over a movie and even try to pray for the ones experiencing hardships… then laugh at myself when I am reminded it’s just a play and I should get my chill 🙂 But then my friend managed to make me watch one cartoon movie and gosh I could do it all over again 😀 it was so nice!

So I am currently embarking on a new journey as I continue to follow Christ, I am also loosening up a bit. I am learning to not take everything so seriously, that’s why I even managed to publish the blog post Dear Crush
 It gave me such a good laughter and challenged me to just be myself you know. Of course I thought about what people are going to say when they see it and I really wanted to keep it to myself, but then again I went ahead and published it, and told myself to let me be! I am also in pursuit of living for the audience of one, so forgetting about how everybody else is gonna respond to my post is of course a good start 🙂

  1. I am that type of girl that wants to find all the reasons why this and that are happening, I can actually sit down and try to figure out why someone said something awful about me, I can use every ounce of my energy to analyse why they eventually came to a decision that I was what they said I was… Trust me this is hard work! Cos I never actually come to a perfect answer why! And I realise after I have wasted so much time that I have actually wasted my time trying to figure out everything. For me everything happens for a reason and even though I may not know what the reason is, I am gonna work very hard to find it.
  2. After trying by all means to find the reason why this and that happened, I am that type that would try so much in finding the solution to that problem. I love solving problems, even if it means just writing about them if I am not given any chance to address them… Believe you me, my mom ain’t always ready for those ”Let’s talk” moments… In short… I find it very hard to let things be … I wanna know why and how they happened and why they take a long or a short time.
  3. I am very uncomfortable with not knowing what the next move is. If you’re anything like me, you’ll understand this very well, I plan ahead what I am going to do for today and try to stick with it for the most part! I don’t like surprises, although I could deal with surprises from other people …I don’t like surprises that come from me… Like I planned on doing this ahead but I find myself doing the exact opposite of that… Yeah that I hate :). 

Matthew 6:25

 Therefore I tell you, don’t be anxious for your life: what you will eat, or what you will drink; nor yet for your body, what you will wear. Isn’t life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

I may not worry about food and clothes, but the NLT version calls this worrying about everyday life… Which is shown in the first paragraph of these past three paragraphs. And like it or not, worrying shows no trust in God. Then this means I don’t need to try fix everything! I tried and I failed dismally! Now as I am embarking on this new journey of loosening up a bit, I am also reminded that I should stop trying to figure out everything, trying to solve everything, being uncomfortable with not knowing what’s next and everything that is not bringing God all the glory. 

I should say that being comfortable with not knowing what the next move is, has been one of the hardest things ever! But God has been teaching me and moulding me in that area so much! He continues to do it and I can gladly say, it is only through Him that I am growing in that part! I wouldn’t do it without Him. 

To God be all the glory! 

So, will you join me in this new journey of loosening up a bit? And stop taking yourself too seriously? Please do, it’s as easy as waking up and deciding you’re going to be happy in the Lord, Love God, Love people and be a happy soul 😀

Summary of 2016

Whoop whoop :* It’s the end of 2016 …yaaaaay!
Gosh I don’t even know where to start…
This has been one year of its own too 🙂 yeah, a very different one… More like the toughest 😦 if you know what I am talking about and have been following this site for some time, you will realise that a lot of things changed drastically in this precious year! Though some of the vows were taken in 2015, 2016 was kinda a continuation of that year and it came with all of its package and Man … It could only be God that I am able to write this down and thank God for every season of this year we saying goodbye to tonight.

I learned a lot, I doubt I can even write down every single detail of the things learned in 2016 but dang I learned. Though knowledge is beautiful and precious, there was a time when I didn’t want to learn anymore cos it wasn’t easy! But it’s OK, God is good all the time… 🙂 as cliché as that sounds, it carries a lot of truth no man can unfold! God is way awesome than my tiny human mind can fathom! And I am grateful I am seeing today and tomorrow is the new year!

I owe 2016 so many posts I kept to myself, we should get in to the 2017 year and see what’s in store for us :), Sure God has a lot in His store for us and there will be a lot of testimonies :).

Close people think  I am not the emotional type… I would like to think that about myself too… But this day always come with some package of emotions … It’s like my birthday or my mom’s … You know? Knowing it’s not because I am more spiritual or better to still be here… Seeing the sunrise, the night and the dawn… Seeing the rainfall, the snow and the trees shaken by the wind… It’s priceless! Let alone the beauty of the mountains, rivers flowing between the fields and every beautiful thing on Earth! So many people would love to still enjoy this view but only the ones with the His breathe on their nostrils are able to… Therefore I am grateful and I know there is a purpose to fulfill… His purpose and His alone!

In this year, I have sang for joy
I have sang because I was hurting
I have sang because it was time for singing…

I have cried for joy
I have cried because I sometimes felt like it was the only thing I was capable of
I have cried because I doubted
I have cried because I was depressed
I have cried because I was hurting

I have smiled for joy
I have smiled because it’s inevitable 🙂
I have smiled because I wanted to brighten the stranger’s face
I have smiled because it’s beautiful to smile
I have smiled because I was told it’s beautiful to smile :*

I have danced for joy
I have danced cos I wanted to dance
I have danced cos I wanted the kids to dance also 😉
I have danced to be part of the dancing people in Church

I have known this ” 1

 For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven:” very well this year✌ Ecclesiastes 3:1

In short, I experienced every emotion. I may not be able to put everything into detail… But whatever everyone experienced this year… Is close to what I have experienced. It may not be the same things but they surely brought the similar emotions, I know there are those that when you experience them, you feel like you are like the first person to go through such… But isn’t God amazing? That we always come out better, wiser and stronger?

I have lost so much, yet gained so much! And what I have gained is not to be lost anymore, it just needs attention and we will be good 🙂

If you started something at the beginning of this year and God gave you the strength to finish it, you have every reason to praise Him and follow Him everywhere He leads!, Even if you had nothing to take care of… The latter doesn’t change 🙂

Ecclesiastes 7 :8

 ”Better is the end of a thing than its beginning.
The patient in spirit is better than the proud in spirit.”

2016 Summary pictures

15th December 2016
My birthday … Turned 27 :*
I know I am wearing it cool 😀 … Sorry I ain’t 16 😀




Blessed with this precious gift on my birthday ❤❤❤ My sister’s love bug and mine :* :* :* … Daddy’s lil Princess :* :* Grandma’s first granddaughter :* :*

24th, 25th and 26th December 2016
AFM youth conference
My People❤❤


Young adults … Oh I am so happy to be one of them :*


With The Royal Princess herself … Got great love for this young Princess :*


Brother and sisters in the Lord! Aaah awesome people that make Church a beautiful place to serve with! Pulane AFM youth ❤❤❤ I love them to the moon and back 🙂


A very good friend of mine! Bestie is my Bestie! Wetsi DaPoetic Dust is her name, She brings out the 16 year old  in me 😮 I love this friend of mine!


Sister sister moments ❤❤


The Selfie moment with the brethren 🙂




Before I leave home for the youth conference :p


Sister sister moment ❤❤❤

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